About Us

The easyGuide team are on a mission to help locals and tourists alike explore the cities they love.

We have 1’000s of products available covering the world’s most exciting attractions, activities, experiences, tours, and theatre shows.

With tickets readily available at your fingertips, we pride ourselves on offering live availability, instant confirmation, and a best price guarantee.

So whether you are looking to climb the Eiffel Tower and view Paris from above, take a helicopter ride over London’s highest skyscrapers, or simply fancy a walking tour through the historical sites of Rome, let easyGuide remove the stress so you can focus on enjoying your trip.


What Our Customer Say

“easyGuide always gives me exciting things to do at great prices. They keep my sense of adventure flowing and I always turn to them when I’m looking for something to do.”

Jaime Pattison – *****

“Quick and easy! I accidentally entered a wrong email address and got contacted straight away through the online chat. Definitely using this service again in the future.”

Maury Decay - *****

“Easy, quick & Reliable. Everything one needs.”

Razmik Sargsyan - *****

“Booked straight away and got my tickets by email in about 2 minutes. Highly recommended. Thanks easyGuide.”

Binesh Tholath - *****

Part of the easy Family of Brands

easyGuide is part of the easy Family of Brands – a collection of companies that share the highly recognisable ‘easy’ brand.


Founded by Sir Stelios in 1995, easyJet PLC was the first of many successful businesses to be launched and has grown into one of the U.K.’s largest companies by market value as a low-cost pan-European airline.


9 years later easyHotel was launched in 2004, offering low-cost hotel accommodation to travellers around the world. easyHotel now offers 3,660 rooms across 39 hotels.

Most recently, easyGuide was launched in 2019, enabling locals and tourists alike to discover and book tickets to amazing attractions, activities, experiences, and theatre shows in cities around the world.



Listed as a Startup 100 company in 2020, easyGuide has successfully raised capital from some of the best private and institutional investors in the U.K.


We appreciate the benefits of building and maintaining relationships with investors at all stages and welcome you to share your interest in our company.

Contact us today and begin following our progress in changing the world of in-destination travel!


Our Partners

easyGuide works with 100’s of partners around the world. Some enable us to provide our customers with great experiences and products, whilst others help promote easyGuide and everything that we offer.

We are constantly growing our partnerships so whether you have a product our customers would love, or whether you think your audience would love our products, get in touch today.