23 Mar 2021

Cheap, Trendy & Traditional Food In Berlin All Under 5 Euros!

Germany is renowned for its stodgy yet scrumptious grub, with meats, potatoes and pastries being staples in its national cuisine. You can try all of Germany’s traditional food in Berlin, but the capital often puts its own modern twist into many of these classic dishes. Innovative and inventive, Berlin’s vibrant food culture is a highlight of the city!

However, we all know dining in a capital city is not always a cheap affair – even tap water costs! To help you make the most out of your money and meals, we have compiled a list of cheap, trendy and traditional food in Berlin that offers a first-class taste of the capital, but also won’t break the bank (or holiday budget!).

Keep reading to check out the best traditional food in Berlin which cost 5 Euros or less before booking your next trip.

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Currywurst and bread roll.

It’s probably no surprise to you that the classic currywurst graces our list of traditional food in Berlin. A simple sausage dish served in a curry powder and ketchup sauce (each eatery has their own special curry blend) and forever in the minds, hearts and mouths of all Berliners. Whilst many restaurants serve currywurst-inspired meals, the cheapest and traditional way to chow down on a Berlin currywurst would be from a street food hut or van – and there’s nearly one of these on every street corner!

Our recommendation: Curry Baude in the central Gesundbrunnen underground station.

What to order: Currywurst with a bread roll for only 1.65 euros!


Our recommendation: Curry 36 – apparently Tom Hanks’ favourite!

What to order: Currywurst with pommes frites for 4.00 euros.


Kartoffelpuffer potato pancakes with sour cream.

A Kartoffelpuffer is a shallow-fried potato pancake and similar to a hashbrown. They can be enjoyed as a sweet treat with applesauce or plum jam, or a savoury snack served with garlic sauce and meats or fish. They are available from food stalls and markets all around the city. Kartoffelpuffers are vegetarian friendly and a hearty, traditional food in Berlin.

Our recommendation: Puffer-Imbiss, a central street food hut.

What to order: Kartoffelpuffer with sweet apfelmus (apple sauce) for 2.50 euros.

Döner Kebab

A doner kebab.

Now you may be thinking, isn’t a döner kebab Turkish, not German? Well, yes you’d be correct, but its Eastern-European heritage hasn’t stopped the dish from becoming a traditional food in Berlin. Döner meat is a big element of Berlin’s street food scene.  

Our recommendation: Tekbir Döner in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood.

What to order: Durum Döner for 3.50 euros.

Wiener Schnitzel

Schnitzel with lemon.

Schnitzel is on the expensive side of traditional food in Berlin, but is a must-eat for any foodie in the capital. The city has adopted this Austrian delicacy which consists of a slab of breadcrumbed-veal and a side of lemon and potatoes. It makes for perfect al fresco dining in Berlin.

Our recommendation: Scheers Schnitzel by East Side Gallery.

What to order: Schnitzel-Brötchen with salad and sauce for a bargain 5 euros.


Spatzle with bacon, cheese and onion.

Berlin’s answer to pasta! This egg noodle dish is simple, wholesome and delicious as a main meal or side dish to a bratwurst or even a döner kebab. Many Berlin cafes and snack bars serve Spatzle throughout the day and night.

Our recommendation: Spaetzle Club in Mitte.

What to order: Spätzlesalat for 4.90 euros – bursting with fresh flavour.

‘Berliner’ Pfannkuchen

Six Berliner doughnuts.

A Berliner is a German sweet doughnut with no central hole. It is commonly filled with marmalade or jam and powdered with sugar. However, this traditional filling is sometimes swapped to other innovative flavours including chocolate, custard and even champagne. Pick up a freshly fried dough from Berlin bakeries or nibble a warm Berliner as you wander around a Christmas market.

Our recommendation: Brammibals Donuts, there are 6 in Berlin Berlin and the doughnuts are soft, gooey and Vegan-friendly.

What to order: whatever takes your fancy from their classic, charity or special range for 2.75 – 3.25 euros.


Apfelstrudel in vanilla sauce with a cherry on top.

Apfelstrudel (which you may recognise as apple strudel) is another iconic German dessert, although this dish also originated from Austria. Filled with sweet cinnamon-spiced apples and raisins in a flaky pastry with vanilla sauce, the aroma of baking apfelstrudel drifts down Berlin’s streets. Most well-to-do Berlin eateries serve the pastry and its crunchy and soft textures satisfying the sweetest of tooths.

Our recommendation: Wine & Coffee House near Alexanderplatz.

What to order: Apfelstudel of course! For 5 euros.

And to wash it down… your beer of choice from a Berlin Biergarten!

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