11 Jun 2021

Discover the 5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Morocco

Experiencing the waterfalls in Morocco has got to be one of the most underrated reasons to visit this spectacular country. 

Not only does a cheeky hike through nature give you a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it also gives you the opportunity to witness some of the world’s most transfixing phenomenon. 

Who doesn’t love the sound of water crashing against rock, or a refreshing natural spritz on a dusty summer’s day? 

Whether you’re strapping on your boots and gearing up for an epic ascent to heaven’s gate, or you’re just ready to read a good book beside a beautiful blue lagoon, the waterfalls in Morocco give you plenty of options. 

And they’re each harbouring their own special surprises too! 

So come on, let’s talk about the 5 most exquisite waterfalls in Morocco, shall we? 

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waterfalls in Morocco

1. Ouzoud Falls

Listen, we can’t go on talking about waterfalls in Morocco without first acknowledging the big boy itself. 

The Ouzoud Falls are easily the most popular waterfalls in Morocco, and they’re also some of the tallest. 

Did you notice I said waterfalls… with an s? 

That’s right, for the mere price of a £2 parking ticket you get all the excitement of several waterfalls with the convenience of one location. Plus, they look absolutely spectacular, intertwining as they plunge gracefully into the depths below. 

Ouzoud Falls in Morocco

The only other fee you might incur is if you want to hitch a ride on a boat at the bottom, which will take you a lot closer to the falls. It’ll certainly be an exciting memory if you choose to do so! 

If you don’t fancy the boat ride, don’t sweat it. There’s actually a really nice walking route that takes about 1 ½ hours to complete and will show you up to the top of the waterfall.  

Top Tip: Once you’re at the top of the falls, head right and keep walking. You won’t have to walk for too long before you somehow find yourself in the midst of a beautiful olive grove. Just make sure you remember your way back! 

Oh, I haven’t even got to my favourite part yet! 

Ouzoud Falls are home to a community of Barbary Macaque Monkeys, which are more than happy to come and welcome you! Just be careful with your accessories or anything you’ve got in your hands – these monkeys like to snatch! 

The best way to visit is definitely with a guided tour of Ouzoud falls, because it also includes trips to traditional Berber villages, specially prepared food and hassle-free hotel transfers. What more could you want?

2. Ourika Valley Waterfalls 

So, I’ve just talked about the Ouzoud falls, but did you know that they’re actually part of a larger network of gorgeous waterfalls in Morocco? 

Of course, the Ouzoud Falls are the main event when it comes to visiting the Ourika Valley because of their unparralleled beauty and height. 

But the another, lesser-known reason is because they’re also the most accessible. You can pretty much park up and you’re practically already there. 

Ourika Valley
A shot of Ourika Valley from above, including Setti-Fatma, where most people begin their hike.

For the more adventurous among you, I’d highly recommend continuing your hike and discovering some of the other incredible waterfalls which are hidden in this watery province. 

Be prepared before you set off, though. The extra hike isn’t a walk in the park. You can expect a very steep ascent, which isn’t made easier by the slippery rocks in some places. You’ll only end up ascending about 300 feet, but eventually you’ll climb to around 4,800 feet above sea level. 

The best way to see all 7 of the captivating scenes of nature is by booking a guided tour of the Ouzoud Waterfalls. Your guide will pick you up directly from your hotel, as well as showing you the safest routes to hike.

3. Oum Rabia Waterfalls

In the middle of the Atlas Mountains, set against red cliffs in a harsh desert landscape, a serene spring of water bursts through dusty vermillion rock to feed one of the largest rivers in Morocco. 

I am, of course, talking about the Oum Rabia waterfall. And the river it feeds is called the Oum Rabia River (who would’ve thought?). 

The falls are enclosed by a corridor of typically Moroccan brownish-red stone, while a short inlet of cool brown water guides you forward. You’re free to swim in this water if you want, so bring your trunks! 

The Oum Rabia Mountin, near Oum Rabia Waterfalls

Unlike other waterfalls in Morocco, this visit isn’t all about the falling water. No, a lot of the excitement for this place comes from the surrounding area. 

If you have a walk around, you’ll be sure to come across small, traditional houses made from bamboo, as well as some incredible greenery and stunning olive groves. You know it’s a good spot when even the locals love to spend their time here. 

You can rent some of the cabins which line the river banks for only around 100 Dhiram (~£20) a day. Above these small cabins are, typically, some cafes which have tea and tagine on order. I’ve only heard good things about the food here, so don’t worry about turning up with a hungry belly! 

Moroccan tagine
Traditional Moroccan tagine

Top Tip: If you’re looking to chill at one of these riverside abodes, don’t swim in the river. The current is far too strong to be safe for swimming. If you do fancy a dip, stick to the water right by the waterfall.

4. Paradise Valley Waterfalls

Over on the western side of Morocco, about 56 kilometres from Agadir, you’ll find one of the most heavenly waterfalls in Morocco. 

I mean, come on, it’s called Paradise Valley. I can honestly tell you it’s safe to get your hopes up. 

There’s a very laidback atmosphere in this little enclave of nirvana, which very much caters to the type of tourist heading here from the nearby town of Taghazout. It’s a shorefront town renowned for its surfing. The chill vibes there are carried through to Paradise Valley. 

It really feels like a watering hole from a utopian fantasy. A pot of deep bluey-green water is cradled by a parameter of reddish-brown rocks, which are perfect pathways for further exploration. 

Paradise Valley Waterfalls

You can jump off the rocks, go for a refreshing dip, explore the surrounding olive groves or simply soak up the sun. You can even get right up close and take a cheeky shower under the stream of water. That’d make a great Instagram! 

Of course, this super idyllic location has a pretty big reputation by now. You’d be extraordinarily lucky to have the place to yourselves, but the site is more than big enough to host several groups of people. If you do want a bit more peace and quiet, a short trek will provide you with plenty of potential spots away from the crowds. 

Top Tip: The best time to visit is in late winter / early spring. That way the river is full and the greenery is alive and lush.  

Unfortunately, locals report that there hasn’t been enough rainfall to had the spot reach its full glory in at least a couple of years. So, definitely get some local insight before you set out!

5. Akchour Waterfalls

If you’re ever visiting the brilliant blue city of Chefchaouen, make sure you take some time to visit one of the most charming waterfalls in Morocco: the Ackchour Waterfalls. 

Once again, this isn’t just a single stream of water. The name actually refers to the series of small springs and waterfalls within the same, gorgeous little area. 

There is a main stream, though, which pours in from a 100 metre height. It tumbles over craggy red rocks and slips down the mountain before trickling over the stone’s edge, just out of reach of the lush, poolside greenery which adorns the inlet’s walls. 

The Akchour Waterfalls are a perfect excursion to do with pretty much anyone, including kids. There are several different hiking options and plenty of different waterfalls for you to plan a trip around.  

For example, you can reach several small waterfalls within 45 minutes of parking. If you decide to go on a little longer, you can walk for another 90 minutes and discover the biggest, baddest waterfall of all: Go’d window. 

 Be careful, though, you’ll have to walk on tree trunks across rivers and skip over some potentially slippery stones to get there. 

Maybe leave grandma at home for that one. 

Feel free to take a dip in any of the glorious ponds of water underneath the waterfalls. Be warned, though, the water is col all year round. Yes, even in that Moroccan summer heat. 

There’s plenty of stalls selling drinks and traditional tagines along the way, so you shouldn’t have to pack lunch if you don’t want to carry it.

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