08 Oct 2021

Why We Love the Empire State Building Observation Deck

The Empire State Building is an iconic landmark on the New York skyline. It attracts both tourists and locals alike. Anyone who wants to get a decent view of the big apple can do so from an Empire State Building observation deck.

There’s more than one observation deck in the building. There’s the 86th floor, the 102nd floor, and the 103rd floor. Anyone can book a ticket to stand on the 86th and 102nd-floor decks. The 103rd-floor deck, which was once a mooring mast for airships, is permanently closed to the public.

What’s so special about these observation decks? And why should you be interested in visiting them? Keep reading to find out!

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1. Get a 360-degree view of New York from an Empire State Building observation deck

In the bottom third of the picture you can see a grey viewfinder on the Empire State Building observation deck. The top two thirds of the picture show the landscape of New York through a wire fence on a dull grey day. You can see the outline of a mixture of tall and short buildings.

Standing on the observation deck gives you a stunning bird’s eye view of New York City. The deck goes around the building. This means you can walk around the deck to view the big apple from all angles. You’ll get a 360-degree view of the city in just a few steps!

The 86th-floor observation deck is ideal. It’s an open-air observatory, with a metal fence keeping you safe. It’s high up enough to see all the New York boroughs on a clear day.

The 102nd-floor deck isn’t open-air and instead is surrounded by clear glass. The glass is easy to peer through but makes it difficult to take clear photos of the view. This deck is great for the colder months, though, as the glass adds some protection from bad weather.

2. Stand where iconic movie moments were filmed

The Empire State Building and its observation decks are well known in popular media. There’s a huge selection of shows and films with scenes in or around the building. A visit to this iconic skyscraper could see you stood in the same spot as your favourite movie stars.

Stand where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks had their romantic finale in Sleepless in Seattle. Walk up the steps of the building Doctor Who Daleks turned into a lightning conductor. Explore the observation deck of the building where the iconic King Kong rampage scene occurred.

The Empire State Building is a popular on-screen New York landmark. With a trip to its observation deck, you’ll soon see why!

3. The Empire State Building observation decks are a thrilling experience

No matter which of the decks you stand on, there are protective measures in place so you can view the city safely. However, that doesn’t stop seeing New York from that height being a real thrill!

The 86th-floor observation deck is a whopping 1,050 feet from the ground. It’s the perfect mix of stunning sights and heart-racing heights. The 102nd-floor observation deck is a further 200 feet upwards, standing 1,250 feet from the ground!

4. It’s the perfect place for a romantic date

The picture is of the Empire State Building, and its reflection in the glass of another building. On the left is the original building, on the right is its reflection. In the background there are some smaller shadowy buildings, and the sky is mostly orange with the sunset.

If you’re looking for a romantic date spot in New York, then look no further!

The Empire State Building observation decks at night offer a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. You can watch the sun go down together or lose yourselves in the picturesque New York night sky.

If you buy express tickets, you can make your romantic trip as smooth as possible by avoiding queues. Get straight to the observation deck with your loved one with skip-the-line tickets, available for both morning and evening visits.

5. Soak up New York history and culture on your way up

The picture shows the inside entrance of the Empire State Building. There are two revolving doors, one on the right one on the left. In the middle are two regular doors with a small space in between them. The walls are a golden brown a circular framed logo above each door, and there are shiny black tiled floors.

The exhibitions in the Empire State Building are well worth checking out. There’s a variety of exhibitions celebrating the building, its construction, and its history.

Touch ‘King Kong’s hands’ and feel them vibrate as he huffs and puffs. Use the 80th-floor viewfinders to closely observe 9 famous New York sights. See Stephen Wiltshire’s impressive drawn-from-memory sketch of the city. You can even check out which major celebrities have taken in the city view from the Empire State Building observation decks!

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