11 Jun 2021

How To Make the Most Of Your Day Trip to Pompeii

Thinking about a day trip to the Roman ruins of Pompeii? 

After the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city of Pompeii was frozen in time under a 25 metre blanket of volcanic ash.  

The famous archaeological site was only rediscovered in the 18th century, nearly 1,600 years later. Due to its remarkable preservation, Pompeii is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by almost 4 million people every year.

From what to see to FAQs, here’s our guide on how best to do a day trip to Pompeii.

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Day Trip Pompeii: What To See

1. The Forum of Pompeii

The Forum of Pompeii

The Forum is the heart of ancient Pompeii. It was once home to shops selling merchandise, public debates and even religious ceremonies. You will find the city’s major temples here: the Temples of Venus, Apollo, and Jupiter. There’s also an amazing view of Mount Vesuvius from the Forum!

2. The Stabian Baths

pompeii day trip - stabian baths

You will find the public baths right by the Forum. The main three rooms of the Roman Bath’s were the tepidarium (warm bath), caldarium (hot bath) and frigidarium (cold bath).

3. The Theatres

pompeii amphitheatre

The large theatre in Pompeii holds about 5,000 spectators. Tragedies and comedies of both the Greek and Roman tradition would have been performed here. 

4. The Amphitheatre

the amphitheatre

Pompeii’s impressive amphitheatre dates to 80 BC, which is the oldest known amphitheatre from ancient Rome. You can picture the gladiator games and large spectacles that went on here!

Fun Fact: In 1971, Floyd recorded a concert here without an audience, which became one of their most memorable moments.

5. House of the Faun

house of the faun

The ruins of this magnificent villa are truly a sight to behold – they are the biggest in Pompeii. At the centre of the main hall, you will find the bronze statue of the dancing faun which gives the house its name. 

6. The Villa of the Mysteries

pompeii day trip - fresco

The Villa of the Mysteries is just that, a house of mysteries. We don’t know who lived in the villa – although some guesses have been made at Augustus’s wife Livia – and there are a series of paintings in the villa that we don’t quite know the meaning of.

Nevertheless, the villa is magnificent and has many rooms for you to explore! You will witness some of the best-preserved frescoes of Ancient Rome here.

Pompeii Opening Hours

pompeii day trip
  • 26th April to 31st October: 9am – 5.30 pm (last entrance) and stays open until 7:30 pm. From 7th June and throughout the summer period, the site is open every day.
  • Closed on: 25th December, 1st  May, 1st January.
  • For up to date timetables outside of the summer period, visit the official Pompeii website here.

Getting to Pompeii

pompeii day trip
  • Train from Naples to Pompeii: takes about 30 minutes to Pompeii Scavi-Villa Misteri. You’ll find that the trains run 2-3 times per hour during most of the day.
  • Train from Sorrento to Pompeii: takes about 20 minutes to Pompeii Circumvesuviana. The entrance to the archaeological site is right across from the Circumvesuviana station.
  • Train from Rome to Pompeii: the average journey time to Pompeii is 2 hours and 15 minutes, with around 26 trains per day. As there’s no direct train from Rome to Pompeii, you’ll need to stop in Naples and change.

Day Trip Pompeii: Top Tips

pompeii day trip - mount vesuvius
  • Bring some snacks as there are very few cafes and snack bars across the archaeological site.
  • The is not much shade across the site. If you are planning to come during the summer months, bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • Bring your own water bottle. You can refill it for free from the ancient water fountains!
  • It is dusty, rocky and uneven, so wear comfortable shoes such as trainers or hiking boots. Whatever you do, do not wear flip flops or sandals!
  • You will need to buy your Pompeii entry ticket online in advance due to Covid-19. Your ticket purchase requires a specific 15-minute timeslot for entry, so bear this in mind. Tickets start at just €10.00 and you can buy them here.
  • You are not allowed to enter with bags larger than 30x30x15 cms, so pack light.

You could spend days wandering around this ancient city and still not see everything. However, we hope our all-encompassing guide helps you navigate your day trip to Pompeii!

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