22 Mar 2021

Ich liebe Berlin! A to Z Ultimate City Guide to Berlin

This A-Z city guide to Berlin showcases the capital as the fun, vibrant and diverse cultural hotspot that it is. Whatever kind of city break you’re after, Berlin has got all interests covered.

Learn more about the colourful German capital with our fun A to Z city guide to Berlin before booking your next trip.

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A – Amplemann

Berlin’s iconic traffic light man lights up the streets and adorns all kinds of souvenirs. He says “Go (to Berlin)!”

B – Berlin Buddy Bears

Three points for that lovely B alliteration! There are 140 uniquely decorated Buddy Bears dotted around Berlin. They symbolise unity and tolerance and are also really good fun to spot on your travels.

C – Currywurst

The unofficial dish of Berlin. A Spicy sausage – simple, stodgy and sooo satisfying!

D – DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik)

DDR is the name of the former East Germany, FYI, and although united today, Berlin still showcases darker elements of its recent past. Check out the DDR museum, Check Point Charlie and of course the Berlin wall to learn about the turbulent history of East Germany.

A garden park and lake in Berlin

E – Electronic Music

Synthesisers at the ready! Berlin is the undisputed epicentre of electronic dance music (EDM). It became the underground sound of Germany’s reunification (see ‘D’ above) and the city still has a major techno-club culture.

F – Flea Markets

Whether you’re a savvy bargain hunter or just after a leisurely morning of browsing bric-a-brac, flea markets in Berlin are THE place to go to recreate the city’s edgy aesthetic.  

The glass dome in the Reichstag, Berlin.

G – Garten (the nature or beer type, you choose)

Did you know over 30% of Berlin is green space?! The capital has a wealth of parks and gardens to enjoy, and it would be rude not to waste away an afternoon in the sun sipping away in a biergarten wouldn’t it?

H – Hipsters

How shall we put it? Berlin is like ‘Hipsters of the world unite!’ In fact, there are even posts out there with instructions of what to do in the capital if you’re NOT a hipster. But hey, we can all be a bit hipster in Berlin. There is so much to do off the tourist beaten track.  

Statues outside Berlin Cathedral.

I – Imbiss

Imbiss pretty much translates to small food stand or street food shop. And there is an ‘Imbiss’ on every street corner in the city. Berliners and tourists alike love the convenient, yet delicious food on-the-go.

J – Ja!

Berlin trip anyone? Ja!

Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

K – Kaffee und kuchen

Kaffee und kuchen = coffee and cake = a good idea! It is not hard to find a decent café or patisserie in Berlin which serve up a strong coffee and a sweet cake. A favourite afternoon pick-me-up in the city.

L – Leipzig

Day or evening trip to Leipzig, a city just outside of the city-state. This student city actually has the nickname ‘the new Berlin’ and is cheap, cheerful and party-orientated with a great music and club scene.

Berlin Opera House.

M – Museums  

There’s no disguising the fact that Berlin is a pretty ‘wet’ city, but who cares about the rain when there are hundreds of incredible indoor museums to explore? Museum Island is a museum-must!

N – Nightlife

A slightly different scene to a museum, but still world-class are Berlin’s nightclubs. Berliners love a party, and visitors love to join in.  Some clubs having quirky themes or are notoriously difficult to enter (*ahem* Berghain *ahem*), but all of them promise a brilliant night.

Currywurst and bread rolls.

O – Opera

Berlin is home to not one, not two, but THREE Opera houses. And Germany has been home to countless composers too, so a grand Berlin opera house makes the perfect setting to appreciate their work!

P – Photoautomat

Berlin photoautomats are the analogue photo booths nestled between popular venues in the city. You can guarantee that locals have at least one vintage photo taken in these shabby boxes on their walls. They’re a unique and personal Berlin souvenir for tourists too. Smile!

Artwork on the Berlin wall.

Q – Quatsch

Quatsch is one of many comedy clubs in Berlin. The venue showcases veterans to the up-and-coming and has a fresh line up every week. Is it funny? You be the judge…

R – Reichstag

Arguably the most recognisable building in Berlin is that of the German parliament, the Reichstag. To learn about the rich political history made within its wall, as well as the opportunity to stand in the rooftop panoramic glass dome, book onto a private tour of the Reichstag.

A Berlin Buddy Bear.

S – Spree

The river Spree runs right through the city centre and Berlin’s quirky culture is prevalent on the riverbanks.  There is nothing finer than a sunny afternoon drifting down the Spree, watching the world go by. Book onto an epic Berlin river cruise here.

T – TV Tower

That big pointy thing? Yeah that. Located in central Alexanderplatz.

The S-Bahn in Berlin.

U – U-Bahn

Berlin’s metro, subway, underground, whatever you want to call it. Quick, cheap and convenient, the U-Bahn allows you to travel from A to B, no messing about. Just remember to validate your ticket BEFORE hoping on the train!

V – Victory Column

Climb the majestic Victory Column’s 270 to access a panoramic perspective of the city. If you’re not keen on height, or have had one too many bratwursts, the impressive monument can also be admired from below!

Gold statue Victoria on Victory Column in Berlin.

W – Wall

There’s a wall in Berlin?!


Now X is always going to be a struggle isn’t it? We’ve selected XBERG for this tricky letter. It’s one of Berlin’s many happening nightclubs.

Berlin street with the TV tower.

Y – YAAM (Young African Art Market)

A relaxed Caribbean/African bar with Reggae music to enjoy a beer or bite to eat. It is nestled on the bank of the Spree and its sandy ground really adds to its chilled out vibe.

Z – Zoo

Now zoo would usually be a bit of a cop-out for ‘Z’. However, the Berlin Zoo and Aquarium are considered to be one of the best in the world of their kinds. Meet some furrier, fishier Berliners.

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