14 Jan 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Langkawi Crocodile Adventureland

Come visit Langkawi Crocodile Adventure Park! A twenty-acre farm in the Teluk Datai Bay area at the north-western end of the island. The Park is home to nearly 4,000 crocs, majority of which are saltwater species from Malaysia and Australia. Even though the park is a tourist attraction, the Adventureland’s sole focus is conservation, education and maintaining safe interactions between tourists and the crocs.

Amongst the crocs, the farm is also renowned for its flora and fauna inhabitants, spread through the stunning green forest which wraps around the park. Not to mention the backdrop of the rolling mountains. Even though the park covers twenty acres, only ten acres are available to the public. The rest of the park is used to farm crocodiles, where they’re bred and reproduced.

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You can purchase your tickets here. There are various tickets available depending on which combo package you wish to purchase. We recommend these for the best experience,

  1. For Admission into Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi with 2 packets of food pellets and access to all shows, book the Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi – Adventure Combo from just £8.01.
  2. For standard admission, opt for the Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi – Croc Encounter Combo from just £13.85.

Please note: Ages 0-3yrs go free. Ages 4-12yrs enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).

Opening Times: Open daily 9am-6pm.

Location: Taman Buaya Langkawi Mukim Air Hangat, Jalan Datai, Jalan datai, 07000 Kedah, Malaysia.

Sections of the park

Langkawi’s Juvenile Crocodile Pond

A man and three children sat holding a juvenile crocodile.

As you walk into the park, the first section you’ll come across is the Juvenile Crocodile Pond. Here you’ll encounter lots of baby and juvenile crocodiles. Most of the time, you’ll find them sleeping with their mouths wide open. Also pellets are available for you to feed the 2–3-year-old crocs, which you can get for free upon entry.

The Species Pond

three crocodiles lying still.

In addition to the juvenile pond , The Species Pond Contains both full sized crocodiles and alligators. There is a placard so you can educate yourself on the difference between the two species.

Hooking Pond

Furthermore, continue your experience to the Hooking Pond, one of the livelier sections of the pond. Here you’ll be able to watch as the crocs jump for their food!

Show Ponds

The Show Ponds are where the trainers perform exciting stunts with the crocodiles. They also host daily talk shows with questions and answers at the Crocodile Education Centre. If you’re interested in learning more about the crocs then it’s worth a visit. You can have a photo session with a 13ft crocodile too!

The Bridge Pond

Lastly, the largest and most impressive pond, The Bridge Pond. There is a bridge that goes over the middle of the pond, acting as a viewing platform for visitors. Walk over the bridge and admire the deadly creatures and even catch some of them looking back at you! Additionally, for your safety, there will always be members of staff around to prevent you from leaning over the railings.

Crocodile Feeding

crocodile with his mouth open, being fed.

Venture across to the large bridge pond to watch the hourly feeding session that takes place. Watch as the trainers feed the most aggressive and dangerous crocs at the park. The trainers will start by standing on the grass next to the pond and blow a whistle, causing all the crocodiles to rapidly crawl up towards them. Seeing the trainers offering fish to the large open mouthed crocs is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

Langkawi Crocodile Stunt Shows

Man with head inside crocodile's mouth.

Twice a day stunt shows take place at the Show Pond, a popular experience at the park. You can watch the brave trainers wrestle with the deadly crocs and preform a range of mind-blowing stunts with the crocodile. Please note, no crocodiles are hurt or injured during these shows.

Bujang Kawi Crocodile

Crocodile getting out of the water

Visit Bujang Kawi, the largest croc in the world, belonging to the Porosus species. He weighs an impressive 1,000 pounds and is 4.68 metres long. However, is a handicapped crop, as he was born without any of his teeth. Due to this he kept on his own in a separate pond, next to the Bridge Pond. He isn’t as aggressive as other crocodiles at the park, despite his size. You can learn more about Bujang Kawi and his species from the placard displayed next to his pond.

Like Bujang Kawi, there are other handicapped crocodiles here, either born with deformities, such as missing tails or humps, or needing special attention.

Jurassic Croc

Picture of a life sized dinosaur model.

Venture through to the Jurassic Croc exhibit and see your favourite extinct dinosaurs come back to life. You can learn about the similarities between the crocodiles at the farm and those of the dinosaurs, for example their fierce teeth, sharp claws and rubbery skin. You can also interact with the life sized model dinosaurs. Watch them move and hear them breathing. Proceed into the quarantine zone to see the “Super- Croc” or better known as Sarcosuchus, a reptile that roamed the earth 112 million years ago!

Food and Souvenirs

Grab a bite to eat at the Croc Café. Here you can experience some of the local authentic dishes. If the local cuisine isn’t to your taste, they also have an international menu, featuring chicken burgers, French fries, kebabs etc. There is also a kiosk if you just want to grab a snack and go.

Finish off your experience at Langkawi Adventure Park with the souvenir shop! They offer a range of souvenirs from croc themed soft toys to t-shirts and caps.

Program Schedule  

There are a variety of shows that take place throughout the day, which include:

  1. Giant crocodile feeding

Timing: 11.45am, 1,15pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm

Section: Bridge Pond

2. Crocodile Encounter show

Timing: 2pm

Section: Bridge Pond

3.Thrilling and Aggressive wild croc

Timing: 10am, 3.45pm

Section: Show Pond B

4.Adult crocodile jumping

Timing: 10am, 5.30pm

Section: Hooking Pond

5.“Bujang Lang” Giant crocodile

Timing: 11.15am, 2.45pm

Section: Show Pond A

Make sure you arrive a few minutes early to guarantee a good viewing spot.

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