17 Nov 2021

London’s Greatest Comedy: The Book of Mormon Musical

The Book of Mormon is a musical that follows a group of missionaries spreading the message of Mormonism. It’s a hilarious production from the creators of South Park which had its debut in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, in New York City. You can now watch the comedic production in London’s West End!

The Book of Mormon musical is a fun and foul-mouthed West End hit that will be sure to have you in stitches!

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What is The Book of Mormon about?

A group of ten men in white shirts, black trousers, and black ties stand in a row on stage. Behind them is the a large backdrop with buildings painted on it, and flowers painted on the lower part of the backdrop.
Snapshot of The Book of Mormon from the gallery on the official show website.

The Book of Mormon is a musical that follows a group of missionaries of the LDS church on a trip to Uganda, Africa to convert people to Mormonism.

Together in Uganda, they see people living in famine, and poverty, with a serious ongoing AIDS crisis. Elder Price and Elder Cunningham hope to do here what other Mormons have failed to: convert the villagers to Mormonism.

Price is particularly confident that he can succeed in the mission, but the Ugandans aren’t too impressed with him. Cunningham takes control and soon discovers the way to convert the village is to take them somewhere they can find fortune and avoid the horrors of their current residence. Price, thinking this is too much, decides to request a transfer to Orlando.

Cunningham isn’t the most clued-up missionary when it comes to the Book of Mormon, but he gets by. He begins to make up stories that combine his knowledge of Mormonism with sci-fi and other cultural ideas. While he does this, Price reflects on his past and has a change of heart about leaving Uganda.

Once Cunningham has finished preaching the villagers are ready to be baptized and accept Mormonism. This decision and the resulting celebrations surprise Price and help to strengthen his faith.

Important Information: The show is generally recommended for viewers aged 17 and over, due to the swearing and inclusion of content of an offensive and of a sexual nature.

Running Time

The show is 2hours and 20minutes in total, with a 15minute interval.

The soundtrack to The Book of Mormon musical

Six men in white shirts and black trousers and ties in a row on stage. They are facing the right, feet off the ground with a leg stretched in front of them, and arms out in front of them. In the background are prop doors and a classroom set up to the right.
Snapshot of The Book of Mormon from the gallery on the official show website.

The soundtrack is written and composed by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez. Parker and Stone are both actors, animators, writers, and composers, who worked together to create the popular TV show, South Park. Robert Lopez is an American songwriter who has written for projects such as Frozen, and Phineas and Ferb.

You can find the soundtrack to The Book of Mormon on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Act one

  • Hello
  • Two by Two
  • You and Me (But Mostly Me)
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai
  • Turn It Off 
  • I Am Here for You
  • All American Prophet
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti 
  • I Am Here for You (Reprise)
  • Man Up

Act two

  • Making Things Up Again
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
  • I Believe 
  • Baptize Me
  • I Am Africa
  • Orlando
  • Joseph Smith American Moses
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai (Reprise)
  • Tomorrow Is a Latter Day
  • Hello (Reprise)
  • Finale

The Prince of Wales Theatre

A building with a grey exterior, that has white signs on it which read 'The Book of Mormon'. At the very top of the building is a sign that reads 'Prince of Wales Theatre'. There are lots of windows across the building, and a small crowd of people on the street outside of the building.
The Prince of Wales Theatre showing The Book of Mormon musical


The Prince of Wales Theatre is a West End venue owned by the Delfont Mackintosh theatre company. The site opened in 1884 but didn’t become the Prince of Wales theatre we know it as today until it was rebuilt in 1927.

The theatre underwent major changes in 1932 when the new manager Edith Evans decided to host Follies-style revues (i.e., a performance consisting of music, dance, and skits). Whilst not everybody approved of this, the performances were a big enough hit that the profits made were able to fund the demolition of the venue and construction of a new building.

It was refurbished and redesigned by Cameron Mackintosh when the Delfont Mackintosh theatre company bought the venue back in 2004.

Past shows at the Prince of Wales Theatre include West Side Story (1999), The Full Monty (2002), Rent (2002-2003), and Mamma Mia! (2004-2012).


The theatre has a street-level step-free entrance for patrons with limited mobility and wheelchair users. Once inside there is the option to store wheelchairs and scooters in the foyer, or there is a designated area with space for wheelchairs in the Stalls.

The theatre has an infrared system to connect to headphones or directly to hearing aids for patrons with hearing impairments, and guide dogs are welcome in the venue. There is also a visual tool available for parents/carers to use with patrons on the autistic spectrum and/or with learning difficulties.

Check out the accessibility page on the Delfont Mackintosh website, or contact the venue using the live chat on the website to find out more.

The cast of The Book of Mormon musical

A group of people on stage, with their hands raised towards the back of the stage where a blue cloudy sky has been painted. One man in a white shirt stands in the front with his arms spread out by his sides.
Snapshot of The Book of Mormon from the gallery on the official show website.

Playing the role of Elder Price is Dom Simpson, an actor who has also appeared in Magic at the Musicals at the Royal Albert Hall. The role of Elder Cunningham is played by Tom Xander and Elder McKinley by Steven Webb. Webb has also appeared in shows such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Scrooge.

The role of Mafala Hatimbi, one of the Ugandan villagers, is played by Richard Lloyd King, an actor who has previously performed in Cats, The Bodyguard, and A Clockwork Orange in theatre. The role of his daughter Nabulungi is played by Leanne Robinson.

In the role of Joseph Smith/Jesus is Hadyn Oakley. Oakley has also appeared in The Smallest Show on Earth, and Wicked. Playing the general/Satan is Edward Baruwa. Baruwa’s past performances include roles in Les Misérables, and Dancing in the Street.

The creative team

The three key creators of The Book of Mormon are Trey Stone, Matt Parker, and Robert Lopez. Stone and Parker have a history of working on projects together, including creating the popular TV show South Park. Lopez is a Tony, Grammy, and Emmy award-winning composer and songwriter.

Co-directing the production with Trey Parker is Casey Nicholaw, who is also working as a choreographer for the show. Nicholaw has also worked on Broadway shows such as Elf: The Musical.

Bringing the production to life visually is scenic designer Scott Pask, who has previously worked on productions such as Tales from Hollywood, and The Country Girl. Costume designer Ann Roth has experience with both theatrical and film productions. Roth has worked on theatre shows such as Singin’ in the Rain and Waiting for Godot. Previous film projects of hers include The Talented Mr. Ripley, and The English Patient.


A group of eight men all in white stand on stage with a spotlight shining down on them. They stand in a 'crab' like position, with their legs bent and feet facing outwards, and their arms raised and bent at the elbow.
Snapshot of The Book of Mormon from the gallery on the official show website.

Since opening, The Book of Mormon has received raving reviews from both critics and theatergoers alike. The comedic stylings of Stone and Parker have had audiences in stitches since opening night!

“An unstoppable hit. Damnably clever and sharp.” (The Telegraph)

“A work of genius. Could this be the new golden age for musicals?” (The Guardian)

“Foul-mouthed, funny and wild. Terrifically entertaining.” (Metro)

‘The Book of Mormon’ is, above all, very funny, breathing three-dimensional, all-singing, all-dancing life into the absurdities of literal Mormon dogma without ever being particularly mean”. (Time Out)

Tickets to The Book of Mormon musical

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