08 Oct 2021

Where to Stay In Mallorca for the Best Trip

It can be a tough choice deciding where to stay in Mallorca. It’s the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain and a popular tourist destination with lots to do.

Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, looking for day trips or nights-out, Mallorca has it all. If you need help deciding where’s best to stay for your ideal holiday, keep reading!

To find out more about what activities are on offer check out our guide to things you need to do in Mallorca.

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Where to stay in Mallorca for a cultural trip

There is a large brown brick building with tall spires around the building. To the right of the building are some smaller, flat-roof buildings. In front of the buildings is a dark green-ish body of water, and the sky is blue and very cloudy
Palma Cathedral

Palma de Mallorca, translating to the palm of Mallorca, is great for a cultural trip. One of the most famous landmarks is the Palma Cathedral, a centuries-old Gothic structure. The cathedral is a hot spot for the cultural tourist in Mallorca, and with good reason! It’s one of Europe’s tallest Gothic buildings and is stunning both inside and out.

If you visit the cathedral, it’s also worth checking out the Episcopal Palace Museum. The Episcopal Palace Museum is home to around 200 religious artefacts. A walk through the museum will reveal an extended history of religion on the island!

Next to the cathedral is the Royal Palace of Almudaina. The royal palace may no longer host royalty, but there’s still much to see. You can look around the Courtyard of Honour, walk through the Gothic Hall, or see the Arabic baths on your trip!

Where to stay with your family

In the foreground is an area of sand with people laying on it. In the background is the sea and a blue sky, and to the left you can see a mountain range.

If you’re planning to travel to Mallorca with your family, then Alcudia is the perfect place to stay. There’s plenty of activities for all ages and interests, and you’ll have easy access to a beach.

The Playa del Alcudia is a shallow-water beach perfect for letting the younger ones splash about safely. For the most part, the long beach is within walking distance of facilities like cafes, toilets, and parasol hire. There’s also wifi access, great for keeping the kids and teens entertained all day!

If you’re planning a more active family day out, why not try flyboarding in the port of Alcudia? You’ll have jet nozzles strapped to your feet that will thrust you 49ft above the water!

Where to stay for the nightlife

The sky is black, and you can see some lit up buildings in the middle of the photo. The lit-up buildings are reflected in the dark body of water in the foreground of the photo.

Where to stay in Mallorca for a party holiday is an easy-to-answer question. Could there be anywhere better to visit for the lively nightlife than Magaluf? Magaluf is notorious for its club scene and its great parties. If you want to dance your holiday away, then this is the place to be!

The best place to be in Magaluf for a proper party is on the Magaluf Strip in Punta Ballena. The Magaluf Strip is only a half-hour journey from the city of Palma. This makes it easy to get out for day trips to the cultural centre of Mallorca and make it back in time for a good night out. Magaluf also has stunning sandy beaches to sunbathe and unwind before you hit the bars.

Where to get in touch with nature

To the left of the photo is a dark blue body of water. To the right is a close up of a mountain range, and you can see grass and dirt on the mountains. The sky is blue and there are some white clouds spread across it.
Tramuntana mountain range

If you’re wondering where to stay in Mallorca to get in touch with nature, we’ve got you covered. Serra de Tramuntana, home of the stunning Tramuntana mountain range, is great for those wanting to spend time in nature.

It’s not just the mountains you can enjoy here! Serra de Tramuntana is within travelling distance of many natural spots enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. If you make your way to Cala Figuera beach, you’ll be met with sandy white shores surrounded by high mountains. Cala Figuera beach is difficult to reach on foot, so usually a lot quieter than other beaches. Here you can enjoy nature in peace!

Where to stay in Mallorca on a romantic trip

There's a red tram in to the left of the photo, and some green bushes and an umbrella to the left. To the right of the photo is a grey brick road, and some shops with brown brick fronts.
A tram at the Port de Soller

Soller is one of the most romantic vacation spots in Mallorca. Soller is a quiet and mostly hidden area of Mallorca. You and your loved ones can take in picturesque views of the mountain range from a selection of quaint restaurants and cafes. With rustic style architecture and amazing art galleries, Soller is a cute place for couples to unwind together.

It’s worth taking a day trip while you’re in Soller to the Globodromo Balloon Airport. From here, you and your loved one can take in the Mallorca sights from a hot air balloon. Take your loved one on a sunrise balloon ride for a truly romantic experience.

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